How to Dyno Tune your VTEC Honda

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How To Dyno Tune Your VTEC Honda

This thing would make a kick ass Tetris controller!

This thing would make a kick ass Tetris controller!




Case Studies – Installing a B&M Command Flo FPR in a Supercharged B series

Anthony’s Jackson Racing Supercharged EG last put down 219 hp at the wheels with a completely stock Jackson Racing setup. Since then he’s added a walbro 255HP fuel pump, which has significantly increased the fuel pressure under load.

Unfortunately, it’s also wreaked havoc on his idle fuel pressure, causing an overly rich condition at idle and fouling his plugs / making his girlfriend super pissed.

So it’s onto installing a new B&M Command Flo Fuel Pressure Modifier, which will allow us to adjust his pressure within a certain range. B&M lists the range at 25-60 psi of adjustment, which is completely false.

Things you will need for this install :

  • B&M Part number 46057
  • 10mm socket
  • Bench saw / rotating table saw / Dremel
  • metric socket set
  • flat head screw driver
  • ear plugs in case your friend’s annoying girlfriend wants to commentate during installation.

First the basics, undo the battery

Next undo the gas cap to relieve any pressure that exists in the line currently.

With the gas cap removed, now undo the stock fuel pressure regulator by removing the 2 10mm bolts holding the assembly into the fuel rail.

Your stock rail will have the 10mm bolts, as Anthony is rocking an aftermarket riser which uses the hex bolts shown.

Next use your flathead and undo the return line going back to the firewall

Make sure to undo the vacuum line going to the stock FPR as well.

Now undo the stock FPR carefully.

Use caution when taking this unit off, as to not lose the pressure o-ring located under the unit.

Don't lose meeeee!!!

Now you can elect to either cut the top half of the FPR off using a Dremel ( recommended) or a table saw as I used ( not recommended )

A picture of what your stock unit should look like after cutting the top half of the FPR off.

Now refer to your B&M instructions as they show you exactly how to install the Command Flo on your B series motor.

Secure the new top half of the unit and make sure it is centered before putting the horseshoe brace on the bottom half of your FPR unit. Clamp the two together using the bolts supplied and you should have something like this :

Put everything back together and your FPR is now ready for adjustment!

Happy Boosting!

Up Next : LHT Performance’s Water-to-Air Intercooler setup, a 10psi crank pulley and we go to the dyno with Anthony looking for the high 200s at the wheel.