Piggyback Heaven – How to tune your Super AFC Neo

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91 octane, 21 psi, full exhaust and cat

91 octane, 21 psi, full exhaust and cat

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Case Studies – How to Repair a OBDI Engine Harness

We are taking the time to repair a engine harness on a 1992 Acura Integra GS, as the previous owner completely hacked up the connectors and did not leave sufficient wire to solder them together.

What better time than to re-pin the engine harness? Let’s begin.

First isolate the plug in question and undo from the mounting clips, make sure to take a look at the connectors and write down the sequence and color of the wires in question.

For those swapping a B18C1 into their EG or EK and are using body subharnesses will find this work very familiar, the same principles apply when you are adding VTEC to a vehicle that did not come with VTEC.

Now we locate a donor plug and harness, a trip to Dorris wrecking yard yields this nice piece we purchased for 3 dollars.

Next take your damaged OBDI plug and using the pick, press the small lower pin downwards.

Now using a needle nose, grab the wire from the back of the plug while pressing down on this locking pin found on the female side of the plug.

You must press down and pull away at the same time to extract the pin in question.

Here is a shot with one of the female pins undone and free from the matching housing.

Next locate your donor plug and pull out the safety tab located in the middle of the body plug.

With the safety removed, now duplicate the procedure to remove whichever female or male pins you must remove.

Make sure to leave enough slack on the wires when you make your initial cuts so that you leave enough wire to solder your new pins into place.


A look at the donor plug, missing a few teeth as you can see.

While this job was fairly easy and straightforward, the use for repinning OBDI connectors is very useful considering the year ranges in question.

Good luck!