Tuning Services

My services include dyno tuning on a Dynojet 448x with full datalogging capabilities and Dynojet Wideband Commander.

I started out tuning out of my own personal garage in the mid 90s, starting with DSMs and Hondas until I started my own performance shop and dyno facility.

I’ve since sold the business, but I still tune vehicles for older customers or people who just happen to remember me for whatever reason.

Norcal Dyno tuning only by appointment – Please email stockspyder@gmail.com for a quote and time!

Coming soon – Customer Showoffs – Dyno plots and maps.

FWD or RWD Vehicle

Baseline $100
Tuning by the hour $160
AEM EMS Boost/ITB $600
AEM EMS N/A $500
AEM FIC $450
APEXi Power FC Boost $500
APEXi Power FC N/A $400
Greddy Emanage $250
Greddy Emanage Ultimate $275
Hondata KPRO Boost/ITB $500
Hondata KPRO N/A $400
Hondata s300 Boost/ITB $450
Hondata s300 N/A $350
Turbo XS DTEC $200
Turbo XS UTEC Boost $500
Turbo XS UTEC NA $350

Why tune with me instead of your local speed shop? I give you a completely customized tuning experience, with a heavy background in forced induction and both import and domestic applications.

For forum whores, please remember that EXPERIENCE matters. Don’t get fooled by the latest internet hype, newest forum or low ball price when considering tuning.

Tuning is a straightforward process if you understand the fundamental parameters of a combustion motor and what it takes to create power.

However, real experience is necessary and tuning your car is best left to someone with total understanding of the engine and all the supporting systems.

Happy tuning!


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