Project Fit : Hondata Flash Pro and bolt ons

This 2008 Honda Fit Sport has recently been equipped with the recently released Hondata Flash Pro, and we hit the dyno to try and get a baseline before further mods.

Current mods on vehicle :

AEM CAI Intake
DC sport 4-1 ceramic header
Skunk2 60mm cat back exhaust
Denso IK-22 plugs and 91 octane pump gas

Equipped with basic I/H/E and nothing too fancy, we visit Dynospot Racing once more to use their Dynojet 448x. With no changes to the factory tune, the Fit puts down 87 whp and a very decent curve but overly rich at 12.1:1 air fuel ratio. At redline the car approaches a 11.7:1 ratio….. lol rich much?

After the basic changes to speed limiter and rev limiter, we advance the VTEC engagement point 500 rpm, and make adjustments to the lo and hi fuel tables.

Leaning out the midrange and top end of the car helps out quite a bit, and the Fit improves 14 hp and gains 8 ft lbs of torque. As this vehicle is primarily a road course and autocross vehicle, and straight line performance is not as important, we conservatively tune the car for serious duty and optimum safety.

The Hondata has allowed us to extract the horsepower that our mods were supposed to provide. The basic header, intake, and exhaust mods made the stock ecu compensate by running the car rich, and after tuning the car is much more responsive across the board.

The modest gains in power aren’t as evident as the increase in overall driveability and response. This FlashPro is an excellent choice for anyone looking to maximize their modifications or even take the next step by going forced induction.

Next up, a Honda Fit header comparison before our other Project Fit goes turbo!

Happy tuning!


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