Colin Cowherd is an idiot.

Straight to the point huh? No special tags, no double meanings in that title whatsoever.

Colin Cowherd is an idiot, plain and simple.

Why you ask? well I can name any number of incidents, but his recent NFL power rankings has me wondering if good ‘ol Colin isn’t sniffing bath salts.

According to Cowturd, his rankings are as follows :

1. Giants
2. Bears
3. Patriots
4. Steelers
5. Texans
6. 49ers
7. Falcons
8. Packers

Yes, the Falcons that just dismantled the Eagles on the road, the offense scored on their first six tries, didn’t punt until late in the fourth quarter and the much maligned run defense shut down a “hungry” Eagle offense.

I’ll admit I’ve had my doubts about how good this team is ( being a Falcon fan since 1981 will do that to you ) but after the Eagles game, there cannot be any doubt.

Not saying the Falcons will go undefeated the rest of the way, or will win the Super Bowl or anything ridiculous like that. Just saying that given the small sample size we do have, there cannot be any question who number 1 is.

Anything to the contrary and you are just a biased homer who doesn’t know anything about football.

Speaking of…..

Colin’s reasoning for placing the Falcons so low is that “they did nothing to improve in the offseason” multiple tries by Falcons fans to inform Cowturd that the coaching staff changed the team were hung up on because they were “biased”

Colin states that the Falcons barely beat the Panthers and the Raiders even though the Steelers lost to the Raiders and Bears got dominated by the Panthers before pulling out a miracle win.

Biased much?

I’ve bashed this idiot before, but this one really does take the cake. How he gets paid to write nationally I will never know, but one thing’s for sure.

If you don’t know what you are talking about, pretend you do, and bash anyone who opposes you despite facts or real data, you are an attention whore.

Not that Mike Smith and the Falcons are complaining, I’m sure. The less attention they have the more they like it, and I agree with them wholeheartedly as they prepare for the Dallas Cowboys.

So keep on hating Colin, maybe the 7th best team in the NFL just make you look like the total ass that you are.

Go Falcons


4 thoughts on “Colin Cowherd is an idiot.

    • hey man, yeah Colin is one of “those” journalists, but I think there’s a fine line between being controversial and just being dumb.

      This falls into the latter category… lol.

  1. He’s definitely an idiot ant I’m not sure why he has a show. I’d rather listen to my own asshole fart rather than this asshole.

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