Sports : Michael Whitlock and Stupidity… A perfect combination

There’s a few times when media pundits, so-called experts, ex-players or coaches say something that really makes them look like idiots. And to be fair, they are human just like you and me and thus prone to making mistakes or saying things that they should never say.

You know what kinds of things I am talking about.. things that shouldn’t be said in public or private, because well.. you aren’t a complete idiot and have a “dumbshit” filter in place to help you not offend your fellow man.

Michael Whitlock however, has no such filter.

Y’know, the same Michael Whitlock who once referred to Jeremy Lin’s manhood as “inch of fury”, attacked Lolo Jones, thinks Eli Manning isn’t elite, or the same idiot who bashes black athletes because he’s black and therefore above the fray as it were.

Stay classy Mike…

While I can appreciate that kind of approach for what it’s worth, ( read : not much Skip Bayless ) there’s a line that you never cross. In crossing this line habitually, Whitlock not only portrays himself as a bigot and racist, but also as someone who doesn’t know what-the-fuck he is talking about when it comes to sports.

I’ve always known Whitlock is an idiot, but after the Falcons win over the Panthers in Week 4, he goes to new extremes to criticize Cam Newton.

Cam Newton was the best player in football on Sunday, but he lost the game for the Panthers with a costly fumble.
Man, was I impressed with Cam against the Falcons. He stood in the pocket and delivered the ball with tremendous poise. He ran at the appropriate times. He rallied the Panthers from a deficit on the road. He was the second coming of John Elway, the greatest player of all time.
And then Newton fumbled on a critical third-down run, forcing Carolina to punt with a little more than a minute to play. You can blame Carolina’s “prevent” defense or Ron Rivera’s decision to punt rather than run Cam on fourth-and-1. You can point to whatever convenient excuse you want. But Newton can’t fumble in that situation. QBs can’t make mistakes in the final two minutes.

Are you effing serious??? He was the second coming of John Elway? lol really? Cam goes 15 of 24 and he’s the second coming of the the greatest player of all time? The greatest player that needed Terrelle Davis to finally win the big one?

Matt Ryan is hurried on multiple occasions, sacked 7 times, puts up 369 passing yards 3 TD’s, leads his team to victory from his own 1 with under a minute left and Newton is the best player on the field? Idiot.

Let me confess now, I personally cannot stand Cam Newton. I think he embodies a whole lot of what is wrong in today’s NFL and sports as a whole. His Superman dance gets old, and he doesn’t seem to care whether or not his team is winning, or down by 20, if he’s in the end zone he is dancing.

But throw a few picks, get frustrated or fall behind, and “Superman” turns into Clark Kent and sits on the bench with a towel over his head and sulks like a crybaby. Face of my franchise? no thanks.

However, there is no denying his talent and raw natural ability as well as huge upside. He has a huge mountain to climb in becoming a true traditional dropback passer, but if he ever does, he could potentially redefine the position.

But to claim that Newton’s fumble lost the game for the Panthers, or discredit the Falcons ensuing drive or saying they should have gone for it on 4th and 1 is pure stupidity. Newton played a great game, and did it in a hostile environment against a team that had been playing very well in all three facets of the game through the first 3 weeks.

Failing to convert the 4th and 1 would have given the Falcons the ball in excellent field position, punting was the right thing to do. Newton gave his team a chance to win, and they should have if not for the shoddy safety play of one Nakamura.

There’s a fine line between watching the game, understanding it, and reading the boxscore. Read the boxscore if you must, but don’t pretend as though you know what the hell you are talking about.


2 thoughts on “Sports : Michael Whitlock and Stupidity… A perfect combination

    • Really kid? first off turn off the caps.. makes you seem even less coherent than you type.. if that was at all possible.

      I love celebrations, hell my favorite player is still Deion Sanders, so dancing just isn’t the point. You would have realized that if your grasp of fundamental English was above 2nd grade.

      Who cares about Cam’s dancing? his TEAMMATES.. thats who.. look at every video of him dancing and you’ll see his teammates turn their backs on him. There’s a time and place to celebrate and dance, and Cam has no clue what that time is. Case in point :

      Giants Panthers – Panthers are down 23-0 with a little more than 6 minutes left in the 3rd period. Newton has had a horrible game, the Panthers are being outclassed AT HOME, and he does his Superman dance. See any of his teammates rallying around him? See his actions galvanize any of his teammates?

      Steve Smith chewed him out on the sideline, and then basically told the media he did so.. Why?

      Look, Cam is a freaking awesome zone read quarterback, but so far that’s about it. He’s got a rocket arm, hes a freak of nature and is extremely mobile with a high ceiling. He surprised the NFL his rookie year, won’t happen again.

      He’ll need to learn how to be a pro, a leader and how to read NFL defenses as well as work on his mechanics, footwork, etc. Takes more than talent to win at this level.

      Super talented? sure.

      Super leader? Super quarterback? Super face of the Panthers franchise? Hell no.

      I got your Superman right here pal.

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