Project SC : Setting the Stance with Megan LP Coilovers

Welp, it’s about that time to get off my lazy behind and finally get some work done to the SC. While the car was lowered by the previous owner, the KYB shocks weren’t up to the kind of punishment that only Bay Area highways can provide.

Where else to go for a good coilover set that won’t break the bank? After much deliberation, I went with the LP series Megan Racing coilovers for the MKIV Supra.

These Megan LP coilovers provide a 32 levels of damper force adjustment and separate spring perch height and shock length adjustments. Without camber plates however, it essentially ensures I cannot lower the car TOO low as the SC300’s stock camber adjustments do not allow for anything greater than -3 degreees.

First we begin by removing the rear trunk area and deck lid, allowing us access to the rear shocks and the gas tank.

Now undo the 3 14mm nuts holding the top perch of your coilover in place. With these nuts removed, you can now go under the car and remove the 19mm bolt that goes around the lower control arm.

After removing that 19mm bolt, you can now pull out the old setup and put in the new Megan Coilovers.

Depending on how low you decide to set your SC, you may or may not have an issue with the rear sway bar linkage not fitting.

To remedy this issue, we’ve gone ahead and installed some BLOX adjustible end links to tie things together.

After lowering the car, the LP’s put me as low as I need to go ( maybe a tad TOO low to be honest ). With the car’s stance figured out, we move on to POWER!

Next up, swapping in the Aristo 2JZGTE and WIRING it up… yay?

Happy boosting!


2 thoughts on “Project SC : Setting the Stance with Megan LP Coilovers

  1. I’ve always liked the looks of these cars, but hear they have tuns of problems/wiring gremlins. What’s your take on them? Would be a slick looking daily driver in stock trim with a few tasteful mods! But I definitely don’t need another project, lol.

    • The SC’s do have electrical issues, but most are resolved by replacing the poorly designed ground strap and upgrading to one from a GS300.

      I had issues with starting, and after many days of troubleshooting I finally traced it back to the factory alarm ecu. Ended up bypassing it and putting in a push start because bumpstarting your car is fine, but I can only park on so many hills… yknow? lol

      The best thing about SC’s is that it’s basically a MKIV Supra in a tuxedo. Aftermarket parts for a MKIV bolt onto the SC, as well as turbo upgrades and the Turbo 2JZ as well, although the Non-Turbo 2JZ is just as stout.

      You should check one out, they are cheap now. But I definitely feel you on the “not needing another project” lol

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