Case Studies : Changing an 92 Honda Accord Axle with HERI Axles

While I am still recovering from my crash, that doesn’t stop people from asking for help on their cars! A friend of mine had her axle go out on her 1992 Honda Accord, her CV boot had been torn for quite some time, where else would you buy parts other than Pro Street Online?

I love helping my friends… but MY BACK HURTS!! lol

After a quick call to the guys at Pro Street, they hooked it up with a set of their new HERI Axle lineup. At first I couldn’t believe how great of a deal this axle was! At just 45.99, it was significantly cheaper than remanufactured axles and definitely a high quality axle.

Pics below:

After removing the axle nut on the Accord, we undo the 3 lower bolts to the lower control arm, shown here :

Now, undo the sway bar links and swing the front lower control arm downward and towards the rear of the car.

With this completed, you can now pull the entire axle out, and slide your new HERI axle in!

The HERI axle fit great, and after talking to the guys at Pro Street, we may just try a set of HERI axles on one of our Project cars!

More results to come! Happy boosting!


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