More BLOX Open House Coverage!

BLOX OH 2012 Coverage from The Chronicles! – The “ghetto baby momma’s” was classic!!! LMAO!!

The Chronicles© - No Equal Since 2008 |

**There are one or two images below that may possibly be “Not Safe for Work” (actually they are just in poor taste haha) so you’ve been warned…**


The 2012 Blox Open House event was another one of those events that I had heard about in the past, but never intended on going to. I had heard that it was a pretty big event for Norcal, but I never really had too much interest in going because it was quite a distance from where I stay and I try to only make one trip a year to Norcal. That one trip of course, is the annual Wekfest SF event. You’ll find me there every year with a booth and doing coverage and what not but it usually takes a lot for me to make the trip up there because I have a lot of stuff to prepare before I can leave…

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