Pro Street / Vic Hubbard’s 9-2-5 Madness Sale – 5/17/2012

Pro Street and Vic Hubbard Speed held their first 5 to 9 Madness Sale for 2012, and I had a great time as I always do meeting people, talking cars and shop.

Founded in 1949, Vic Hubbard has had a name well known throughout the Performance Industry as the first Speed Shop in Northern California. So you can be sure that there will be more than your fair share of domestic old school muscle.

There were also several GEN III powered Chevelles that made the show.

I love the GEN III blocks, pushrods and all.

Several of them rocking a centrifugal superchager, which isn’t my cup of tea but hey… to each his own.

Of course, the usual mix of cars made the show……

All in all a fun time to be had, with a lot of pretty nice cars and lots of horsepower and cool people. A small show, but one car definitely caught my eye, this pristine Mazda Cosmo ( RX-5 ).

You Wankel!

This RX-5 is powered by a late model 13B and its owner was a very nice guy who was more than willing to talk about his car and the mods he had in it. As always I had a great time talking shop to people, and looking forward to the next 9-5 Madness on June 21, 2012.


Pro Street Online 

Vic Hubbard Speed and Marine


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