NHL Playoffs 2012 : Shea Weber not suspended…. Is anyone shocked?

The more things change, the more things stay the same… or at least when it comes to the NHL’s Wheel of Morality.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this when Brendan Shanahan took over for the Campbell, he was supposed to bring order to chaos, reason to the ridiculous.

Instead, we have more of the same bullcrap and embarrassment that NHL fans have had to endure for years.

What was supposed to be an understandable standard for discipline took a weird left hand turn today as Shea Weber was not suspended for his dirty hit on Henrik Zetterberg.

The play in question

Look I love Shea Weber the player, he’s a stud with all the tools and leadership to boot. He’s a guy I’d want on my team any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

But the lack of judgement he showed in this clearly dirty play, is embarrassing and not worthy of a captain.

In the closing seconds of Game 1 against a fierce and storied franchise and division rival, you are up by a goal and you not only throw a right hand cross but take Zetterberg’s head and slam it into the glass like a pro wrestler.

It’s clear the NHL finds that Weber did no wrong, because Zetterberg was not seriously injured.

So the NHL missed… again… there’s still time to make it right for Shanahan, and he needs to do his job and set the standard.

The standard that doesn’t account for injury, independent of intent to injure. A standard that will punish the player, despite the color of jersey and name on it. A standard that will make NHL fans proud to follow the sport and find normalcy and reason in it’s punishments

A Standard for Discipline… It’s time Brendan, please make it right.


2 thoughts on “NHL Playoffs 2012 : Shea Weber not suspended…. Is anyone shocked?

    • Agreed there, I love Weber but he had a massive brain fart there. Kostistyn at warmups this morning playfully shoving Weber’s head into the glass, re-enacting the hit on Zetterberg. hopefully the NHL will start getting things right soon. Thanks for chiming in!

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