Bobby Petrino Fired as Arkansas Coach – Why is anyone surprised????

Bobby Petrino was fired today as head coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks, and the only thing I must wonder is…. Why the hell did it take so long?

It took nine days to dismiss this piece of work, after wrecking his motorcycle and being whisked to the hospital during a Sunday morning cruise. Apparently, during all the ruckus, Petrino conveniently forgot to inform his bosses and the authorities that he had a passenger with him on the back of his Harley.

A passenger that he was having an affair with, Jessica Dorrell, 26 years his junior and hired by Petrino as an “athletics department employee” was also given a $20,000 dollar gift from Petrino.

Did I mention that Bobby Petrino is married with four children, and HAD JUST LEFT HIS WIFE that Sunday to take a cruise with his mistress??


Scoring in the offseason indeed.....

Is anyone really shocked at what transpired?

After all, this is the same douchebag who took Falcons owner Arthur Blank’s money and split with three games to play in the disasterous 2007 campaign. Not only did he quit on the team, his owner and the city of Atlanta, but he informed the players of his departure in a typed 78 word letter taped to their lockers.

Classy eh?

Petrino lied to Long and everyone else about the details of his motorcycle crash and his affair, and I don’t think it takes a forensic team to see that this behaviour is categorically systematic. He’s a liar and a boldfaced one at that… How any parent could condone sending their son to learn from this guy is beyond me.

Jeff Long should have known this was going to happen, because Petrino’s trail of slime and deceit is long and distinguished. He lied to Louisville when he was in talks with Auburn to replace Tommy Tuberville, and he lied to Blank when he quit on the Falcons, is Long really surprised he lied again?

I think it’s a fair estimation in how far our society has fallen, when you consider there were students rallying for Petrino to keep his job!

Win at any cost. Damn the consequences. Sounds a lot like Sean Payton.

Did Petrino really think that the details of the accident would not come to light? Or did he think that Arkansas had some sort of magic wand to make it all magically disappear?

Petrino is either incredibly stupid, or arrogant beyond all belief. Either way, I am glad he is unemployed.

I had zero respect for this man before, and the fact he is now limping with broken ribs, broken vertebrae in his neck, 3.8 million a year poorer, and his family probably destroyed does not lessen my hatred for him.

Best part of it all? AD Jeff Long fired Bobby Petrino with just cause for “manipulating and deceiving” behavior by a faxed letter!

Stephen King couldn’t make up that kind of ending!

Unfortunately, the man does win in the college ranks so I suppose it’s only a matter of time before some college puts aside such things as decency and common sense to hire this dirtbag.

Me? I will bask in radiance that is Petrino’s firing and say just one thing for the departed college coach.

Woo Pig Sooie!!!!


2 thoughts on “Bobby Petrino Fired as Arkansas Coach – Why is anyone surprised????

  1. You have a very popular attitude, and frankly, Petrino just makes it easy for you and all the other critics out there. Myself, I just feel bad for Arkansas; while they may have known what they were getting into, they were an average program who took a chance and it made them great, but that greatness had a price. Here’s a link to my post, and I’m betting you’ll like the video at the end if you haven’t seen it already:
    Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for chiming in and yep you were right about the video.

      I think that scum like Petrino dont belong in positions of power and influence over our nations youth. I wouldn’t send my son to learn from this guy, and I would hope that other parents would see the same way.

      Sadly, he’ll get hired again because he wins, and he’ll burn yet another program.

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