Atlanta Falcons on HBO ‘Hard Knocks’ – No Thanks

A recent article from ESPN’s Pat Yasinskas, revealed that the Atlanta Falcons have appeared to be a top choice for this year’s “Hard Knocks” television series from HBO.

While I understand Arthur Blank is a shrewd businessman, and that the televison series would give the Falcons and the city of Atlanta a significant boost from a national perspective, he should say thanks but no thanks.

This season is a crossroads for many Falcons players and front office personnel, and with a pivotal season ahead of them, they simply do not need the distraction.

The focus of the team and the front office should be in assisting Matt Ryan take the next step, winning a playoff game for once, and finding a defensive identity.

Not being on an HBO reality series, could you imagine the Roddy White tweets??

Go Falcons.


2 thoughts on “Atlanta Falcons on HBO ‘Hard Knocks’ – No Thanks

  1. While I’m intrigued by the Falcons, unfortunately they wouldn’t provide the drama that a Cowboys, Bengals, or Jets team would. I’d love to see a team like the Chargers get a shot; lot of subtle conflict there.

    • I agree with those teams listed, the Bengals a little less only because of the questionable characters in the locker room. The Jets would be a great story because of Tebow of course, my bet is with them. Thanks for chiming in!

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