Case Studies : Installing Flush Mount hood pins on a S13

A small perk of my job is that I get sample products and tester products from my main sponsors Some of these products make it to production, and some don’t for one reason or another.

One such product that did make it to production is Pro Street’s flush mount hood pins, a rep of an existing company Aerocatch.

This writeup has been moved to it’s new permanent home, please click here for the full writeup on how to install hood pins.

Click here for the How To Install Hood pins writeup

Click here for the How To Install Hood pins writeup


7 thoughts on “Case Studies : Installing Flush Mount hood pins on a S13

  1. Picked up your note on Google alerts. Sorry to disappoint you but your trusted dealer is selling you fake product and likely to fail. These are not AeroCatch they are Chinese fakes and worth viewing and looking at the problems with fakes under the counterfeit tab.
    We will be contacting your supplier also.

    • I’ve read your link on your site, funny how you fail to specify any information about this “lab”. I’ve worked in the industry for several years, and to tell you the truth I’ve got a funny feeling your product is probably made in the same foundry.

      As for my “trusted dealer” they are a division of a speed shop that’s been California’s largest distributor since 1949, likely to fail? When did your company start?

      And it looks like you have a fundamental problem with reading comprehension, I’ve clearly stated this product is a REP of your product.

      Look I understand you are mad, I would be too if my only product was copied but really, is that my fault? As far whoever reads this page, I would ENCOURAGE them to find the facts about your company, your products and whatever copies are made. Pro Street is not misleading anyone, nor are they releasing some sort of press release claiming some “lab” did load testing either. I’ll bring this to their attention next time I meet with my sales rep, maybe I can do some independent load testing for everyone’s benefit.

      • Just thought you should know a few more facts:
        1. Product is made in the UK – we would not even consider China as a manufacturing source.
        2. Test house is JCS Technologies, Weston Super Mare, UK.
        3. AeroCatch is patented in the USA and therefore any ‘replicas’ infringe this patent. Patent number is US D524,631 S.
        4. The pictures shown on their website are of AeroCatch product, not the parts you received and show being fitted above.

        If you want a list of the copies that infringe our EU and US design patents and trademarks please visit the website again – they are listed.

        We have already bought the issue to the attention of ProStreet and they are very cooperative.

  2. “your site claims your parts were sourced in the UK, are your pins made there too? Either way, I’d be crying to the guys who are copying your shit not John .Call china and tell them to change there laws.

    • Not sourced – Made In England – with EU and US Design / Patents. Chinese are nothing more than poor quality fakes and if you saw some of the failures under normal use you would think twice before fitting to an expensive carbon hood. I am not crying to John merely letting him know what he has been given is a fake.

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