Project 383 – Installing a new fuel pump and Edelbrock 8134

After our last setback in our Project 383 where a fuel line ruptured causing a small engine fire, Butch and the gang at Treds decide to step it up a notch by installing a new fuel pump with Edelbrock’s 8134 Single Feed Fuel Line Kit.

Check out Treds at for Northern California’s best alignment shop hands down.

Onto the install on our carbureted Project 383, and the parts you’ll need for the job.

Parts needed

First, disconnect the negative terminal of your battery before starting the job at hand. Next remove the fuel inlet fitting from your carburetor.

Attach the Edelbrock 8134 to the fuel inlet using the supplied washers and banjo bolts shown here :

Do not tighten at this time, as you may need to adjust before starting your vehicle again. Install your fuel filter ( Edelbrock 8128 / 8131 / 8133 or in this case 8134 ) by using the supplied fittings or a barb fitting.

Next connect the line to your fuel pump and adjust the lines so that they are safely tucked away.

Next we undo our stock fuel pump and install a new Edelbrock XXX, make sure to use the fittings specified above.

With the old pump out, now install your new pump and make sure to tighten all fittings at each juncture.

Out with the old.......

Now, put the key to the on position or prime your fuel pump ( if electric ) and check for leaks. If leaks exist make sure to shut off the engine immediately before retightening.

New pump installed!

Time to test her out!

Up next : Turbocharge or Supercharge Project 383…. that is the question.


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