Tebow and John 3:16…………..

Teeebow.... WHOOOAA

Tim Tebow is easily the most intriging athlete of our generation, easily the most polarizing name in sports in recent memory. No other athlete will garner the reaction that Tim will, you either hate him or love him, there is no middle ground.

As a Christian myself, I love his morals and his faith and applaud that he wont back down from his stance no matter who the critic.

However as a football fan, I dislike that so many take shots at his faith as opposed to his ability. For the record, I just don’t see Tim lasting past this year unless he puts in some serious work as a passer. His footwork, release and tangible traits are all in question.

But if anyone can do it, this guy can. I’ve doubted him since he took over for Kyle Orton, and you just cannot dispute what he’s accomplished for a Denver team projected to be one of the leagues worst….. AND??? He’s won his first playoff game!

Did Dick Lebeau and the Steelers get caught with their pants down? Yer damn skippy they did. Just too damn cocky for their own good. And while I don’t think that Belicheck will allow his Patriots to fall into the same trap, some people are unwavering in their belief that Tebow and the Broncos will get it done.

Now, I’m not a conspricacy kinda of guy, I don’t hunt for UFO’s, I don’t think Sasquatch exists, and in the grand scheme of things, I don’t think God cares much about who wins a football game.

But the numbers Tebow generated in his playoff victory are undeniably eerie, or one huge circumstance. Don’t believe me? Take a look.

The picture above is from the 2008 BCS Championship game, where Tebow wrote one of the most famous Biblical versus on his eye black, prompting MILLIONS to search for “John 3:16”

  • Tebow beat the Steelers by passing for 316 yards.
  • Tebow averaged 31.6 yards per completion, highest in NFL history
  • Ben Roethlisberger threw his crucial interception on a third and 16, leading to a Matt Prater field goal
  • The Steelers finished the game with 31:06 time of possession
  • CBS’s last quarter-hour ratings were a 31.6

Bizzare huh? Whether you believe it or not, the fact is that Tim Tebow and the Broncos have a momumental task ahead of them at Gillette Stadium. While the Patriots defense is probably one of the worst in the league, you cannot dispute Tom Brady’s accolades in the postseason.

Tebow with all of his flaws will lead his team to Foxboro and try to dislodge one of the NFL’s premier AFC powerhouses coached by one of the NFL’s most successful coaches of all time.

And I for one, am not betting against him. Go Tim.


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