Case Studies : Preparing the Talon for Dyno Day

Jesse’s Talon has come quite a ways after being cleaned up and gone through. Now all that remains is re-torquing the head studs and heading back to the dyno in our quest for 500whp.

Make sure to look up your head tightening sequence to ensure you follow manufacturer guidelines. The studs we are tightening are part number ARP-207-4201.

Now take your torque wrench and follow the guidelines given to you by ARP, if this is a fresh install make sure to follow the 2 step tightening method outlined on your white card inside your box.

Torquing head

Next, we install a set of Pro Street Cam Gears for the 4g63 to move our overlap to a more desirable range for our 62-1 turbocharger.

Pro Street Motorsports

Next up : Installing our cam gears, adjusting the overlap, and heading to the dyno!!!!



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