A Blast from the Past – One of the original Pro Street DSM’s

When Jesse spoke to me about purchasing my Talon, one sentence made me pause and think about exactly what this car was. The conversation went something kinda like this :

Jesse : “What’s up with your Talon, I want to buy it.”

Me : “Oh yeah? lets work it out”

Jesse : “I want the car you built a decade ago”

Me : “………you’re an asshole”

After the purchase, it struck me how old the Talon really was. Here is a complete mod list.

  • Fully Built Stage III Pro Street Shortblock
  • Eagle H beam Rods
  • ACL Bearings
  • Extreme Motorsports Stage 2 head
  • Ferrera 1m oversize valves
  • Ferrera dual springs and titanium retainers
  • Web Cams 562/565 intake and exhaust cams
  • Wiseco 8.8:1 compression pistons
  • Mitsubishi Ralliart 4 layer MLS HG
  • ARP head studs
  • ORIGINAL 1g Pro Street Street Intercooler kit
  • ORIGINAL Pro Street Race Intake Manifold
  • Pro Street 8 point  Race Cage
  • 62-1 stage III T3/T4 turbo
  • 720cc injectors
  • Aeromotive AE1000 Fuel pump
  • Fidanza flywheel
  • ACT 2600 clutch
  • Aeromotive Drag FPR
  • JLB Fuel rail
  • Haltech E6X Standalone engine management
  • 3 inch downpipe
  • Apexi N1 exhaust system
  • 12 gallon JAZ fuel cell

I’m sure I’m missing quite a few other mods, but at this stage I think you get the hint.

With a bevy of old school original Pro Street parts, it’s safe to say that waves of nostalgia and memories wash over me as we begin to clean the car up.

On to the eye candy :

Before :

Surface rust abound

After a few hours of the wire wheel and 2 cans of appliance paint in flat gray, we had a much cleaner interior.

Ahhh.. so much nicer

We also took the liberty of addressing the rear sump and mount for the fuel cell.

A shot before of the tank and the AE1000 before taking everything out and flushing, cleaning and polishing.

This pump is a tad...... um.... noisy.

After the interior was addressed, we moved on to the engine bay and turbo. A shot of the beast before :

yes, I didn't take care of it... sue me

After taking the turbo, manifold, valve cover and downpipe off, Jesse cleans up and polishes the intake manifold and valve cover along with the original Pro Street 1g Street Intercooler kit.  

A shot of the original Pro Street Intercooler kit for the 1g DSM, circa 2001.

And of course, the after shot of Jesse’s polishing and detail work.

so fresh and so clean clean

Next up for the Talon, cleaning up the Haltech wiring, wrapping the headers and taking it to the dyno and chasing 500 whp.


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