Project 240SX – Sorting out Subframe issues

Well the 240’s stance has certainly had it’s fair share of issues, and after a trip to see Butchie @ Treds Alignment Specialists it didn’t take long to determine what the issue was.

It doesn’t take Butch long to determine that my rear subframe is bent, as well as my front lower control arm. Bummer. Looks like the kid tried to be King Drift and ended up kissing a curb, which pushed in my passenger side inboard about an inch.

After further inspection, the frame rail looks to be straight, which was important for this car if I wanted to keep it. After picking up a used subframe from a kid in Hayward for 100 dollars I make another series of calls to start collecting the parts I need.

After another call to Megan Racing, I receive my inner and outer tie rods, lower toe armsrear upper arms, hardened subframe bushings, short shifter and rear lower arms.

Next up : installing the bushings into my subframe.


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