What’s a StockSpyder

It’s been almost 10 years to the date when I said bye to the car that was once my pride and joy, that gave me a shop, a business, a lifestyle but also broke my heart more than a few times.

So when a friend recently asked me “What’s a StockSpyder”, it brought back memories of my 1999 Spyder, and the many adventures I’ve had in it.

Back in the days.....

400hp, 91 octane, 21 psi, full exhaust and cat. STOCK BOTTOM END

The name is part of the old school DSM chat rooms in California where Ty@Road Race Engineering had the name StockGST for his 1g FWD Eclipse. I always had a place to crash when I drove to LA, not sure where Ty is now, but I hope his family and (three?) kids are doing well.

It seems like a lifetime ago and we were tuning cars with crude piggybacks but it was a great time to be an enthusiast back then.

Back when kids didn’t buy chinese parts to modify their cars, and the names Greddy, Apexi, HKS actually still meant something. Back when EBAY wasn’t the first place you look when shopping for a turbo, and shops were actually shops instead of absolute jokes.

Seems like a lifetime ago, but thanks to Ty and Road Race I had the experience of a lifetime building my “StockSpyder”





I will always choose to remember the good times, and good friends in relation to the car and not dwell on the many bad times and backstabbers that went along for the ride.


2 thoughts on “What’s a StockSpyder

  1. Funny someone had sent me an email asking where I was and what have I been up to. Long story short, I have moved on from the car industry and now working in the government sector. I’m still tinkering with cars on the side but not broadcasting anything the car community would already know. It was fun while it lasted but I was tired of the back stabbing I have seen and endure thru the times at Road Race Engineering. But yes I’m still alive and still wrenching on cars on the side.

    • Ty, great to hear from you man. Hope the family is doing well, Chris must be huge now?

      Glad to see you are doing well and doing stuff on the side, I hear you on the backstabbing and bullshit, it wasn’t just RRE or drama there. Had quite a bit of that on my side of California as well, turns out you were right about a certain bitch made fatass… oh well.. live and learn.

      Good to hear from you bro, and thank you again for your hospitality and friendship.

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