Project 240sx – What did I get myself into?

Upon bringing the car back home, it dawns on me that I just may have traded a perfectly good 4dr EG9 for the world’s crappiest 240sx. Good thing it’s just a Civic huh?

None of the dash lights work, none of the fuses seem to be good in the cabin and all of the interior is missing. yay for me?

I begin by ripping out the poorly installed turbo timer, alarm, boost gauge and indiglo cluster wiring.

Why ricers should never work on their own cars

Whoever did this “install” should have his hands chopped off, fried and force fed to him.

He wired the boost gauge directly into the ignition harness, sending a constant 12v to the gauge. The piezo sensor for the alarm somehow made it’s way into the heater box and there were a handful of live wires just hanging out waiting to ground themselves on any loose piece of metal. Fun times….

He also decided to run the passenger side door harness OUTSIDE of the door, with the wires going to the window switch and door lock just hanging out. While rewiring the entire passenger door, I also discover the door hinge isn’t secured to the chassis and the window rail is bent.

Next – Making it look like a car again part II


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