Project 240SX – Devoid of Rational Thought

I had originally planned on swapping in a LS3 into the 240SX, a continuation of my ongoing quest for the perfect street car. After selling my LS1 powered S13, this only seemed like the next logical step.

My Ls1 powered 240sx

And why not? the GEN III Chevy Small block is a modern revelation in power and reliability.

With just longtubes, a full catback and a Lingerfelter cam my S13 put down 454 / 432 to the wheels, while retaiing A/C, P/S and exhibiting very calm street manners.

So logic would have it that I would just go right back to another GEN III motor…. right?

As luck would have it a friend of mine found a guy on Zilvia that was getting rid of his 2JZGTE. After talking to him for a few days I worked out a trade for parts, which works out perfectly for me as I am working from a limited budget.

No Shit, 2JZ????

Yes, a motor that will cost more to mod, more to maintain and more points of failure. I can’t retain A/C, and will require a ton more modification to shoehorn the venerable Japanese I-6 into my 240SX.

Why not a V8? Good question and I don’t know the answer other than “I like boost”

Why not a RB? I debated it at length, considering I could swap a RB25 into the 240 in my sleep, but ultimately my respect and admiration for the Supra pushed me towards the 2JZ.

Foolish? maybe.

Next – Addressing the car’s stance


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